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Roker Hotel Wedding Photographer, Emerson Photography

Emerson Photography at the Roker Hotel in Sunderland

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I'd seen wedding photos in St. Andrews Church before, and had always been keen to get inside for a look around - the interior of the church is astounding - just very beautiful.  So I was delighted to be asked to shoot the wedding of Lindsay and Neil, who had their ceremony at St. Andrews, followed by a fantastic reception at the Roker Hotel on the seafront in Sunderland.

We were lucky with the weather - our bride and groom were keen to get a few photos down on the beach.  The sun shone, the brilliant family and guests ate, drank and made merry.

The only cloud on the horizon was yours truly nearly destroying the wedding cake.  The venue had done the usual trick of putting the cake in the darkest corner of the room, in front of neon green signage, fire extinguishers and sad looking pot plants.  I asked Neil to help me rotate the cake table so we could use the room and their guests as a backdrop instead.  As we spun it round, the top tier of the cake tumbled off.  There was an audible gasp from the crowd...

I desperately tried to 'catch' it with my knee, and then my foot (why do we do this?!).  Amazingly, it was fine, the three second rule applied and everyone ate cake.

Enough ramblings - here are the photos - I LOVED their first dance photos - hope you like them too...

Emerson Photography photograph of bride's shoes
Sixpences in the shoes!

bridal preparation wedding photograph in sunderland by jamie emerson

I just can't resist mirrors...

Yes, she's coming...  Hold on...

How cute?!  Our wee flowergirl performed AMAZINGLY well, all day - no fear!

Anyone know of a good reason why not?  No?  Good!

Nana, nana!  Look at the big, strong men behind us trying not to cry!

Grumph.  We're fine.  Not crying at all.

Wedding photography in St Andrews Church in Roker Sunderland

If you don't know it by now, it's probably to late ;-)


Wedding day portraits by the seaside, Roker Sunderland, by Emerson Photography



It's a terrifying moment, but Neil and Lindsay took to the floor confidently and danced with panache!


Just a lovely day with a great bunch of people.  I got chatting with a good number of guests over the course of the day and genuinely enjoyed the company of all of them.  The weather held out, the cake stayed edible despite my best efforts and our happy couple did everything to make my job an easy one.

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