Monday, 24 September 2012

Emerson Photography in Italy.

Revisiting Tuscany - a Cortona Wedding.

Emerson Photography, based between Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland.  Documentary, story-telling wedding photography of the highest quality in the north east.

Every time I'm asked to photograph a wedding, I feel honoured - there's also a weight of responsibility to do the best possible job, every time.  So when a friend gets in touch, it's a double honour.  And when that friend is also a photographer, the sense of responsibility doubles!

So it was with some trepidation that I agreed to fly out to Tuscany and cover the wedding of Kevin and Clare.  I studied photography at university with Kevin and have his documentary art book on the shelf beside me as I type.

Kevin and Clare had around 30 family and close friends staying at the villa above and attending the wedding.  The villa is jaw-droppingly beautiful with amazing views out over the lake at the foot of the hills.  The day started with a visit to Clare's appartment for some prep shots...

Please click on the first image to view the photos as a scrolling slideshow. 

What a dress!  What a place!

It's not often I get excited about shoes, but Christian Louboutin is worth shouting about...

Clare hand made the brooch bouquets.  That's some talent, right there!

I travelled from the villa to Cortona Town Hall with the groom and a few family and friends.  The journey was somewhat 'fraught' as the sat-nav took us down a dirt track in the middle of nowhere before announcing that we had reached our destination.  After a few further circuits of the Tuscan countryside, we finally arrived after Clare!

No idea what was said here, but it merited a smile :-)

The competition...

What better way to celebrate being a married man than a large gelato.

And then back to the villa for a sumptuous feast and sunset.

Sat-Nav not required...
What a fantastic day - lovely guests, astounding locations, great food and to cap it all, I got thanked during the brief, informal speeches and given a bottle of one of my favourite malt whiskies.  All the images will soon be available to view on the Emerson Photography website.

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