Monday, 8 October 2012

New Photography Studio in Newcastle

Just picked up the keys for my new studio in Heaton, Newcastle today.  Portraiture is about to become a much larger part of Emerson Photography.  It just seems to be a natural progression - I just can't wait to have a permanently set up lighting kit and backdrops!!  I will still be offering the whole, portable-studio-in-your-living-room experience, but I expect to be in the studio more often than not.

After a quick chat with the two photographers I'm sharing with (the always fabulous Mandy Charlton and Thomas Jackson who I've just met but who seems to be an all round decent chap!), I took off up the coast in high spirits and positively bounced up Druridge Bay with Kasper the hairy dog (and also the inspiration behind my bespoke dog portraiture business, Hairy Dog Photography).  A fantastic day for a dog walk - blowy, crisp, sunny.  The light was perfect too, and I was glad I'd taken a camera and a few prime lenses.  Taking photos of Kasper is the best kind of practice because he's fast, erratic and never does what he's expected to... 

Here are a few photos...
Lurcher running on Druridge Bay
Hairy Dog Photography near Newcastle

Photography of a white dog near Newcastle

Professional, specialist dog photographer, Newcastle

Photography by Jamie Emerson

Newcastle wedding photographer Jamie Emerson on a dog walk!

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