Friday, 12 December 2008

Katy and alan

Hot on the heels of Lynne and Brian's traditional English wedding, comes Alan and Katy's Scottish wedding, held at Pollockshields Burgh Hall, Glasgow.

Alan is an old friend of mine and it was one of those weddings where it's hard to decide if you're a guest or a wedding photographer! This confusion was made worse by the fact that many of the guests were also old friends - it was a fantastic day in a great venue, surrounded by the best folk you could ever want to be wedding guests.

At the start of the day, best man Sean proves he knows what he's doing.

Katy got herself ready at the rather spectacular Mal Maison, helped by her bridesmaids.

Match day traffic didn't stop Katy from getting to the venue on time (but it nearly gave the photographer a heart attack when his sat-nav guided him into the world's biggest traffic jam!)

Yes, she is on her way.....

You might not be able to tell, but the chap on the right hand side has on a tartan tie, so he was allowed into the 'kilt shot'.

Katy looked absolutely radiant, and the bridesmaids and flower girl seemed to have scrubbed up quite nicely too!

Straight after the best man's speech. The speeches were done in a refreshingly laid back way, and all were excellent. The emotion shown on Alan's face says it all.

Right, time to relax.

Alan and Katy had found a cracking celidgh band - they were so good that someone managed to dance their shoes to pieces - nobody claimed the shoe-heel found on the dance floor.....

The joys of rear synch / slow flash again.

Frosty grass and a midnight run!

These last two were taken towards the end of the night - the DJ was really going for it, and so were the guests! I kind of felt I'd done my job at this point, so was having fun with some 'experimental' stuff. Both of these were shot using a Sigma 10-20mm lens (super wide angle) and 'narrow flash'. This involves manually zooming the flash head into the body of the flash to achieve a 'spotlight' effect.

All in all, a great day was had - huge thanks to Alan and Katy for trusting me to shoot their wedding. It's always an honour when a couple ask you to capture their day, and especially so when the request comes from good friends.

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