Sunday, 28 December 2008

Cameras for Pleasure....

Well, it's just gone Christmas, and everyone deserves a break, even wedding photographers.

My wife and I (still sounds wierd!) are at my Mum's house on the Isle of Skye for a few more days before heading home. It's been many a month since I've used any of my photography kit for fun - shooting weddings is a passion for me, and the creative possibilities are endless. Now and again though, it's absolutely necessary to get outdoors with a tripod and shoot stuff for fun!

I find it stops any staleness creeping in - other photographers will know the strange compulsion which sets in when let loose in wonderful scenery with a camera. Everything starts to look like an image waiting to happen - any time spent eating, drinking or sleeping feels like time wasted.....

No? Just me?! Can't believe it! Anyway, here's a few from the last few days. Click on any of the pictures to see them at a decent size.

The road from Portree coming down into Struan, sunset yesterday.

Sunset over Loch Beag

Panoramic shot near Storr

Panoramic shot taken from Mum's front garden this morning - the size of the image doesn't do the scenery justice... you can view this one large here:

Ah well, it's been a grand week or so - New Year headaches beckon - looking forward to it!

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