Thursday, 11 December 2008

Winter Wedding!

Well once again, it's been a while - haven't managed to get any infrared film out of the freezer so you'll just have to content yourselves with looking at wedding photos!!

Lynne and Brian's wedding

... was on the 22nd of November in Houghton-Le-Spring, followed by a reception at Hallgarth Manor, Pittington.

The usual anxious following of the long term weather forecast was rewarded by a crisp, cold, sunny day (as forecast!!). I arrived at Lynne's house to get some images of her preparing....

Lynne looked stunning even whilst wearing her tracky top. A make up artist and various relatives were helping, and a general air of calm prevailed.

Attention to detail.....

I love mirrors!

The dress...

And the shoes............

Mum helps out.

Natural light.

Fab jewellery!

Mum helps out again!

I just loved this - it's probably not one for the album, but when I heard the bouquets were in a pan, how could I not take a picture!!

Like I said: stunning.

Fast forward to the reception. There are some great shots (I think!) at the church, but I can't put up all the photos - more's the pity! Hallgarth Manor is just outside Pittington. It's a great venue and the staircase, chandelier and arched window were crying out to be used in a photo or two. This one was shot at a fairly high ISO to make use of the ambient light. The best man is standing further up the staircase with one of my strobes (SB-800) to give a bit of fill.

There was just enough light to head out into the garden for the formals - I snatched this shot into the low winter sun on the way out the door. More and more, even at the darkest of winter weddings, I'm tending to keep the flash work to an absolute minimum. This is mostly due to the Nikon D300's ability to shoot at crazy-high ISOs without crazy-big noise....

The best man's speech. It's very, very rare that I actually listen to the speeches - there's usually way too much to think about. But not only did I listen to this one, I actually laughed out loud, more than once. As you can see, the rest of the room were also a little tickled....

Dinner over and through to the dance hall. Spot of rear synch flash for the low light conditions and the essential pic of wee lads sliding around on the dance floor...

But it's not long before they're kicked off to make way for the big kids!

Nice hat!

And, as with all weddings, before I've noticed time passing, my job is done - a fantastic day with a genuinely nice crowd. Everyone was very friendly and co-operative, the venue was photogenic, and the couple got the picures they wanted. I love my job!!

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