Friday, 18 May 2007

Today's Infra Red effort - more Kodak HIE

Well, I promised earlier today that I'd upload a few pics if I got out to play with the camera. I know some of you will have been sitting refreshing my blog every five seconds, emitting anxious groans at each fresh disappointment....Well groan no more!

The sun did come out so I sallied forth with the trusty Nikon FM loaded with HIE, and the slightly less trusty (it's new, off ebay) Nikon F2Mn, loaded with EliteChrome 100 ISO. And the dog, who was extremely well behaved, for a change.

The Dene is just lush right now - it's so green and dense it's actually quite hard to find a pleasing composition - nothing stands out! There are several species of rare wild orchids apparently, but I wouldn't know one if it jumped onto my face , crying, "Pick me, you goof, I'm worth thousands to the right dodgy dealer".

The picture which should be on the left, but could really appear anywhere if past experience is anything to go by, is one I've been after for a few weeks.

There's a lovely 'S' shaped curl in the path and the ground vegetation is very thick and very green - ideal for IR purposes.

The second I got in the door, the film was in the tank (plastic, not advisable, but what the hey...) and devved.
Used a squeegee for the first time in years as I was in a hurry to scan the negs. This seemed to do them no harm, and I may use a squeegee more often.

As is usually the case, all three of these pics were taken using my Kood dark red filter. I actually invested in a Hoya 52mm screw in IR filter which arrived this morning. It's been a while since I used a 'proper' IR filter and all the shots taken using it are black. Bah!

The picture which may be below (boggered if I'm spending ages reformatting the blog after viewing it in a new window and realising everything's in the wrong boggering place. Again.) was taken from the edge of achest high wheat field. It's on the edge of the Dene and I hadn't seen it before.

The wind was really going for it, so I tried the new opaque screw in filter (mentioned earlier) which I hoped would give me a nice, long shutter speed, resulting in lots of nicely blurred wind blown wheat. I got a black neg. For safety, I also shot a few using my dark red filter and that's the result below (or wherever it turns up...)

More of the same here, really! Thanks for having a gander - off to buy some chips! Yum!

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