Sunday, 3 June 2007

Yet More From Hawthorn Dene......

Filim, schmilim.

Well, finally put the film cameras down (not like at the vets.......) and took the Nikon D200 to the Dene. I thought it was about time to capture the verdure (wot's that then) in all its glory.

Also took along my Sigma 10-20mm lens, slik tripod,a mixed bag of prime lenses, the dog and a Dairy Milk in case of emergencies.

Having consulted the OS map, we entered the Dene through a field and found ourselves in the thickest, least visited part. The path(s) were barely visible so we dropped down the steep bank (literally) and followed the river along the valley bottom. I've included the pic below, not because it's any cop as an image, but just to give an idea of the terrain.

After thrashing about in the undergrowth for several hours, Kasper (the dog) and I found ourselves back on a path and shortly thereafter, in the wheat field I'd photographed several days earlier.
I had another pop at using a long exposure to emphasise the waving of the wheat, using the Oak tree at the far end of the field for background interest. This same location can be seen shot on infra red in an earlier post.

At this point, Kasper went completely mental, diving in and out of the waving wheat like a thing posessed and eventually upsetting the tripod, and me, in one fell swoop. I wonder if the feeling of running throught the wheat is similar to being stroked by a thousand 'Fairy Soft Hands'©. This sensation might explain his increasingly erratic behaviour.

At any rate, a fallen tripod and D200 constitutes an emergency in anyone's book, so I felt justified in cracking open the Dairy Milk, which Kasper and I thoroughly enjoyed.
Toward the end of our wanderings, I spotted this vast
fallen tree spanning the gorge. Of course, I had to run accross it whilst the dog went wild trying to follow me.

This one was shot at the very widest end of the Siggy 10-20mm lens and using the maximum self timer time on the D200 - a measly 20 seconds. Do Nikon want people to break their legs scrambling along trees? 30 seconds would be reasonable........

This last pic was taken on a grey and miserable day during a walk out of Durham last week. Couldn't resist the texture of the tree trunk. P'raps a wee bit over photoshopped but that's what happens when one has too much time to play!

T0 those who have read this far; I thank you. To those who read the description of the blog and are looking for hints and tips regarding setting up a small business; I apologise, but all work and no play, etc, etc.....
I will try to get back on track over the course of the next few sessions!

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