Friday, 18 May 2007

Late Wedding Booking Discount, or, Copying Airline Marketing Tactics

I was just looking through the Sunday papers and idly checking out the last minute booking offers from hotels, airlines and so on, when it struck me that perhaps I could steal this powerful marketing tool and apply it to wedding photography.

I don't mean I'm going down the bargain basement route, just that if they can do it, why shouldn't I run a similar, if somewhat toned down, campaign?

Accordingly, my wedding website now has a news story along the lines of 'Discount for Last Minute Bookings'. It makes a lot of sense - if I'm free on their big day, I might as well take a lesser fee - beats sitting about at home, reading the Sunday papers and coming up with crackpot marketing schemes! Have a look here:

Had a swift look at my self assessment tax return form this morning (shudders....) and swiftly put it back in the huge pile of paperwork on the floor of my office. I really must get a filing cabinet. And an accountant.

Nearly went on the Inland Revenue's (still shuddering.....) course for self employed folk. I'd heard good things about the course, and apparently, they're more likely to make life easy for you if you approach them first, rather than waiting to be hunted down like a gay dog in Macho Dog Land. The first one was full though, and I've never worked up the enthusiasm to try again. Oh well.

Waiting for the sun to decide whether or not it's coming out to play. If it does, I'm desperate to take the dog down to Hawthorn Dene: a primeval expanse of incredibly verdant deciduous woodland ten minutes down the coast from here.

I shot an entire 36 pics there a few weeks back before realising there was no film in the ol' Nikon FM. I thought it was fully loaded and ready to go with Kodak HIE IR film. Bah!

If I get any this time, I'll post some here.

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