Sunday, 13 May 2007

Orange Phones for Business Use - Bah! Also, lessons learnt regarding fickle customers.

I recently realised it had been ages since I'd had an upgrade from Orange. Also, my tarrif was a two year old ripoff based nightmare. I phoned them several times as it seemed everyone I spoke to at the call centre had a different idea of when I could upgrade, and which models I might be entitled to.
A friend of mine who helped out on the last wedding shoot had an extremely effective sat nav system on his phone, enabled by a widget of some description purchased (I think) on ebay.
You can have a gander at his blog here:
I was very impressed by this and my choice of phone was greatly influenced by the thought that sat nav really is a useful thing to have. Accordingly, I spent £100 upgrading my old phone to Orange's SPV M700, which has GPS built in for sat nav use.

The phone duly arrived and I spent the next week trying to send a text message. The next week was slightly improved but it was also gradually dawning on me that the sat nav function was not included with the phone. After some research, I found the service is offered by a seperate company, who want £80 of me hard earned.

They do offer a free one week trial which I spent most of last night trying to organise, to no avail.
I've now downloaded google maps which does a similar but less effective job for nowt.

I hope, that given time, my M700 and I can learn to at least get along, if not actually fall in love. It does have some absolutely top notch functions which I'm slowly getting my head round but by thunder, it's a demanding relationship.

On a lighter note, I went to our local country park today to watch thousands of women running round it dressed in lycra and / or fancy dress. My girlfriend was running so I hadn't really any choice, despite not feeling the best due to a good night in last night. It was also a good excuse to give the Nikon 80-200 f2.8 lens a workout. It really is a crackin' bit of glass.

I like this one purely due to the pained expressions on the faces of the two girls behind Clare.

Clare at full zoom, f2.8. I love my Nikon lenses!

On fickle customers

The right to rant :-)

Perhaps fickle is not the right word, and after all, my customers allow me to eat, pay my mortgage and have the odd pint. A better title might have been, "All customers may reserve the right to change their minds about everything previously agreed, right up until the moment the shutter is released".

It wouldn't do to go into specifics for obvious reasons, but I have learned a valuable lesson this week: don't assume anything until you've got a signature . Yes, I know it's a basic rule of business, but you know when you've got someone's word on something? When everything's organised and you've put time aside? When you've come to trust someone? I could continue but from now on, nothing is set in stone until either there is money on the table, or a binding contract in my hand.

Rant over, here's a calming picture of Clare and Kasper with Roseberry Topping in the background.

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