Thursday, 10 May 2007

Everyone Wants My Money!

The Underdogs of the Business World

Or, wedding photographer North East is selling his granny for food.

Small businesses always have a hard time of it. We are at the bottom of the food chain so far as cold, hard cash is concerned.

I've been quite fortunate as almost all of my customers have paid up in a timely fashion. Now, though, the tables are a wee bit skew-whiff as everyone from suppliers to the bank is screaming for my cash. Not that I have any to give them; still, this fact does not deter any of them from pursuing me like a pack of cash-strapped deerhounds, with special pointy teeth.

It's the same old problem - I have a fair whack of cash coming in but it's not here yet - a couple of wedding deposits, payment for a portrait job, a large grant courtesy of the European Development Fund (hurray for foreigners!) and revenue from ebay sales.

As a brief aside, if you are starting a business, you could do a lot worse than going to see your local Business Innovation Centre (BIC). If nothing else, they will usually manage to sort you out some free cash from somewhere.

Do Barclaycard want to hear about the lady in Vancouver who has yet to pay me for a camera body she won three weeks back on ebay? Do they b******s. I've tried but these people are so unreasonable.

The handsome chap in the picture is wearing a fine German Goretex army jacket, starting at a very reasonable £1.99, in case you fancy a bid. It can be found on ebay should you require a top notch raincoat.
Still though, at least I now know there's light at the end of the tunnel, with the grant due in my business account next Tuesday - this should keep the wolves from the door (more dog and money related terminology - is there a pattern emerging here...?)

Well, thanks for popping by - I must go and steal the slates off the neighbours roof.

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