Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Brides up North Wedding Belles shoot

Film Noir Bridal shoot at Hardwick Hall.  Red and blue gels used with speedlights , strobist-style!

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Some months ago, talented North East photographer Mandy Charlton got in touch and asked if I'd like to come and shoot a film noir styled bridal shoot with her.  The whole thing was very hush-hush and all rather exciting!  The shoot was put together by Julia who works incredibly hard to produce the North East's premier wedding blog.  The idea was to get a gaggle of NE wedding pros together to do something a little bit different in the stunning surroundings of Hardwick Hall.

At first, I must admit to being a little concerned about reproducing a Hitchcockian, film noir look in the grounds of a quintessentially English country house, but my fears were groundless and a happy day of shooting commenced....  Here's a behind-the-scenes, documentary video of the day, put together by Steven of Forever Film.  How he managed to get such fantastic footage with Mandy and I getting in his way all day is beyond me - the mark of a true pro!  I'm the only guy in the video, so should be easy to spot!

With wedding gowns from Mia Sposa Bridal and Menswear, hair and make up taken care of by Lisa Cameron and Leeanne Bennet respectively, and accessories from ByGinaJewellery, we two photographers really couldn't go wrong!  All these ladies were also modelling for the day along with Kristy from Simply Bows and Chair Covers and Kerry from Daisy Chain Events.

So on to the photos - you can see the collaborative efforts on the Brides up North blog....  Mandy and I worked together to pose and light the images - the day was stiflingly hot and I really felt for the models, encased in the gowns!  Here are some of mine from the day....
Film Noir Bridal shoot at Hardwick Hall.  Julia does a good job of looking a bit fearful, as requested!

Film Noir Bridal shoot at Hardwick Hall.  I was trying to isolate the model in a pool of light here.

Film Noir Bridal shoot at Hardwick Hall.  I was keen to try and reproduce something along the lines of  a 50s paperback detective novel here (but with a weddingy twist, obviously!).
Film Noir Bridal shoot at Hardwick Hall.  It would have been rude not to show off  the surroundings...
Film Noir Bridal shoot at Hardwick Hall.  Wandering off-theme for a few shots to show off the amazing wedding gowns at their best...
Film Noir Bridal shoot at Hardwick Hall.
Film Noir Bridal shoot at Hardwick Hall.  Again, I was aiming for the pool-of-light-in-the-darkness here...
Film Noir Bridal shoot at Hardwick Hall.  This one was just a bit of fun - Julia is being interviewed on camera behind me and she wanted some photo-action in the background.  In keeping with the theme, I tried to introduce some schlock-horror, informed again by 50s detective novel covers.  The shadow is my hand - it's supposed to look menacing...
Film Noir Bridal shoot at Hardwick Hall.  And just a very pretty one to finish!
So huge thanks to all involved, and especially Julia for being the organisational force behind it all!  You can see all the photos from the shoot HERE on my Facebook business page.  Please take a second to 'like' the page if you do visit, thanks!

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