Friday, 25 February 2011

I will shoot your dog for free :-)

Free doggy portrait session and free print too - what's not to like?

If we're friends on Facebook, you may have already seen my post about pet photography.  Basically, I spend quite a lot of my life taking photos of my dog - sad, but true.  Much as I love him, I do quite fancy a change, and given that I've always wanted to carve out a niche in dog photography, I am offering the following;

Free lifestyle photography shoot for you and your dog. 

You can be in the photos, or not - entirely up to you.  We can do the shoot in your house or on a favourite walkies at the park / beach etc.  There's absolutely no obligation to buy anything - in fact I will give you a free 10x8" print just for helping me build a doggy portfolio :-)  I'll be using the same top-end kit that I use to shoot top-end weddings - results are guaranteed.  It doesn't matter if your dog is incapable of sitting still - all the better for action shots!

I had initially limited the offer to five people, to avoid a groupon-style, 200-shoots-beforenextweek meltdown.  But given the number of emails and PMs I've received, I'm going to (have to!) extend the offer to the next 20 people who get in touch.

You can see some examples of what to expect HERE  or HERE (black lab puppy content!).

Location.  I live in the North East (of England) - please bear this in mind.  I am occasionally up in Edinburgh, very occasionally in Aberdeen and have been spotted on the Isle of Skye.

If this appeals, please get in touch - you can contact me through my website;

Clicky here!

Or through my Facebook page;

Clicky here for Facebook!

Or just call me on ZERO7866127732 or ZERO1915845442  (zeros included to fool spammy software).

Just to recap; that's a FREE shoot, with a FREE print taken by a pro photographer with pro gear.  Dogs are mandatory - you can be in the photos with your dog, or not - up to you.

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