Thursday, 9 September 2010

Lauren and Gav's wedding.... the Old Hall in Washington, followed by the Chilton Club, somewhere between Durham and Sunderland....

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 Another glorious day in the North East - perfect for a wedding.  Wedding photography provides the most amazing opportunities for creativity - the creative freedom is almost unparalelled and it's this flexibility which keeps me in love with my job!

When I arrived at Lauren's Mum's house on Friday morning I did briefly wonder if I had the right day - the sense of calm was a little unnerving!  Lauren was busy getting squeezed into her beautiful dress upstairs;

Bridal preparation photographs, Ashbrooke, Sunderland, by Emerson Photography

There were plenty of mirrors so I let my mirror fetish have free rein - it's not big or clever but I do like the effect!

Wedding photography in Sunderland by Emerson Photography.  Bride reflected in mirror with Champagne.

Bride reflected in mirror whilst preparing, but Jamie Emerson.

Fast forward to the ceremony at Washington Old Hall - this was a new venue to me and I truly hope I get back there soon.  Tardis-like, the hall looks quaint, small and olde worldy on the outside but the inside is pretty cavernous.  The interior is less than perfect from a photography point of view due to the tiny windows but the groomed, ornamental gardens more than make up for this.

Wedding photography at the Old Hall in Washington

Groom waiting for bride at Washington Old Hall on his wedding day.

Gav the groom and his two best men - looking very chipper chaps!

The ceremony involved lighting a candle with tapers.  Fortunately no accidents of the dripping hot wax kind occurred...

Photograph of wedding and candles at Washington Old Hall, Sunderland.

The group shots were fun - had someone had more than their fair share of champagne perhaps?

Relaxed, fun wedding photographs at The Old Hall, Washington, by Emerson Photography.

And after a suitable gap to allow for some mingling, I commandeered the happy couple for a few romantic shots - I really wanted to make the most of the fantastic gardens.  One off-camera strobe was used 'bare-bulb' - the sun was pretty harsh so my brolly stayed in its bag.

Summer wedding photography, Washington Old Hall gardens.

Again, just one off camera flashgun in the next two shots;

Strobist style, dramatic wedding portraiture in Sunderland, by Jamie Emerson.

Both Lauren and Gav were great sports and I shamelessly posed them all over the place - glad I bullied them now!  Couldn't resist the ivy in the shot below....

Ivy and bride at Washington Old Hall.

Running out of time now, so will fast forward again, all the way to the first dance.  Here were a couple who know the meaning of practice - what a first dance it was!  A few lessons had been taken here I suspect.  No let up for Lauren though as the DJ gave Dad little choice but to come up for a dance - he didn't seem to mind though!

A lovely day with a crowd of lovely people - so good to shoot a new, massively picturesque venue too!

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