Thursday, 4 February 2010

Wedding Faves from 2009

Emerson Photography's Wedding Photo Favourites from 2009

Well, this time of the year is usually pretty quiet - less so this year what with family commitments and an exciting new line of work taking photos of various horrible injuries for a lawyer's firm (sorry, no pics...).

So in a spare moment, I thought it'd be nice to have a quick flick through my hard drives and pick out, say, a dozen of my favourite photos from this year's weddings.  Hmmmm - the first cull got me down to about 30, and after an hour of staring at the screen, I've managed to whittle it down to under 20, picked in fairly random fashion.....  If you have a minute, please do have a look, and as ever, if you want to see any of the pics at a decent size, just click on them.


Ah hahahaha!  Well, I thought so.....

More comedy moments....

Aaaaaw - look at those eyes!

Newcastle fans, please look away now!

Moments like this prove that formals don't have to be dull and stuffy.  Even better, the groom got poo-ed on by a large pigeon seconds later - how lucky is that?  Actually, not so lucky for me, as I had to Photoshop it out on every photo thereafter :-)

A quiet moment at the edge of the dancefloor - Damn, I'm sneaky!

Weddings are B-O-R-I-N-G when you're a kid....

Fireworks and snow, WAHEY!  What a fantastic end to a fantastic year of photographing fantastic weddings .  Have I said fantastic enough times yet?

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