Friday, 6 November 2009

Robbie Anderson Cancer Trust Fashion Show

I'm always game for a new challenge, especially where a good cause is involved - and causes don't come much worthier than this!

The event was held at Lineker's in Newcastle - a full on fashion show, showcasing work from various designers.  The Robbie Anderson site is here.

What a fantastic night it was - lots of beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes and being, well, beautiful!

As always, please click any of the pics to see them at a decent size.  If you're reading this in Facebook, it's probably worth reading the original on my blog for better quality pics (link at bottom of note).

Never in my life have I seen so many sets of straighteners......

Good thing the whole place is filled with mirrors!

Through the curtain....

Reminds me of my goth days - except the makeup is definitely being more skilfully applied here!

One for the laydeez.

And in the interests of fairness and equality, one for the boys.

The baying crowd.....

I wasn't really prepared for this!  A few of these needed a spot of photoshopping to keep the pics decent, and no, the originals aren't for sale ;-)

Big smiles all round - can't ask for any more than that, and all for a great cause.

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