Thursday, 20 September 2007

Back on Track..........

Well, when I started this nonsense, I was going to write about the joys of starting up a new business. I seem to have got a little sidetracked (!) - so much so, in fact, that this blog is now officially less about Emerson Photography, and more concerned with Kasper (the dog), photography for fun and life in general. Whew, some sentence.

Having said that, business plods on - a few new wedding bookings, the odd family portrait shoot and a fair bit of commercial work (press releases, pics for folk's websites etc.). Still hugely enjoying the whole adventure - just can't wait for the day when I can quit my part time job. I've had it since my university days and whilst it's not the worst job in the world, I'd be delighted to get the hell out of it. Even 12 hours a week is beginning to feel like a humiliation I could do without.

Now looking forward to getting hitched in October next year - haven't actually popped the question yet tho....... I did ask Clare's dad whilst attending someone else's wedding and he said yes. To marrying Clare, not him. I think...............

The inestimable Mr James Burns has very kindly agreed to do the whole photography thing (aah, so that's who cuts the barber's hair) - can't think of very many other people I'd trust to do it, to be honest.

And so it begins: the beginning of a great adventure, as Lou Reed's wfe said to him. I'm interested in a detatched kind of a way, as well as getting excited on a personal level. I'm hoping it'll give me an insight into what's going through the minds of all these people I go to see regarding their wedding photos.

I will try to keep this humbug updated on a slightly more regular basis, just in case anyone actually looks at it......well.............?anyone.....?

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