Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Marsden Grotto Wedding - Rave in a Cave!

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Well, I say rave but this north east wedding was a very civilised and chilled out affair.

Having walked the dog at Marsden Grotto many times and enjoyed a refreshing pint at the beach bar, I was genuinely delighted to be asked to shoot Ian and Vicky's low key wedding reception.  As a wedding photographer, it's always brilliant to try a new venue in the north east or beyond and especially one as unique as the Grotto.  Our lovely couple had already tied the knot earlier in the day - as always, flexibility is my middle name and I was happy, as always to tailor a timescale to suit!

The grotto itself is at the bottom of a huge cliff and there are a few sea stacks just offshore.  It's the perfect venue for a reception, or any other party come to that.  Is it raining?  No problem, use the surprisingly bright and airy bar built into the cliff face.  Is it just too hot?  Then retreat into the caves further into the cliff - lovely and cool.  And for all the other times, your guests can just go wild and have a paddle in the sea.  The history of the place is fascinating - do head over to Wiki if you get a moment...  Linky.  

On the day, the weather was pretty dull but the vibrancy of the couple and their guests more than made up for that.  A good number of children livened everything up nicely and gave me something to point the camera at when the small wedding party were static.  On that note, I really, really enjoy very compact weddings.  Huge weddings supply endless photo opportunities but very cosy ones do force me to slow down a bit and have an end goal for each press of the shutter.

Anyway, I'll stop before I rattle on any more - here are the photos of the north east beach wedding at Marsden Grotto...

So, just a lovely, short cover wedding with some great characters and all round brilliant people.  If you're on the lookout for a fabulous and very experienced north east documentary wedding photographer for your big day, do head over to the main website or feel free to call me on 07866127732.  As mentioned above, I'm always happy to discuss short cover, especially on weekdays and through the Winter.  And I'll be especially excited if you get married in a cave :-)

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