Friday, 17 January 2014

And... I'm back in the room.

Never too late to say happy new year.

So, a heartfelt, "Happy new year" to all and all the very best to you.  January always sees a spate of wedding photography blogs.  They are usually a collection of images from the past year - a round-up of favourite photographs.  It's a great idea.  Many photographers are pretty quiet at this time of year.  Weddings and portraits are thin on the ground and lots of us are procrastinating about the looming self assessment deadline on the 31st of January (obviously, myself included).  I've done this myself a few times but this year has seen hardly any weddings so I have very little to show off!

As I may have mentioned ( a bazillion times ) our son, Finlay William Emerson was born in November, 2012.  In anticipation of this, I began to wind everything in a little.  The Google ads stopped, the Facebook page had tumbleweed blowing around, I stopped blogging and my SEO campaign ( such as it was ) ground to a standstill.  I have had a great year getting to know my son.  It hasn't been easy but it has been, in turns, humbling, joyous, frustrating and heart-wrenching.

As desired, the bookings and enquiries dried up and Emerson Photography had a hiatus.  Now begins the somewhat daunting task of kickstarting a semi-dormant business.  I didn't stop altogether though, working at some beautiful weddings from Darlington, through Durham, the Lake District and even on the Isle of Skye.  Towards the end of the year, I introduced "mini-sessions" to my portfolio - 20 minute family / kids portrait sessions.  These have gone down a storm and as soon as all this mud disappears, they'll be firmly back on the menu.  The north east dog photography revolution has been incredibly busy this last year too.

Deciding to upgrade all my cameras and lenses in a year with very little work might seem to be a very bad idea.  It probably was but I did it anyway!  And not a moment too soon - going to full frame Nikon cameras has been a revelation.  Having the ability to shoot in semi-darkness without a flashgun brighter than the sun means I can finally work in the way I've always wanted to.  As I've mentioned before, I do still use flash but for effect, rather than through necessity.

The upshot of all this is that I hope you'll see a fair bit more of Emerson Photography over the coming months - I've never had a forceful marketing strategy and that won't change but I am now back in the room and looking forward to getting back to the fray :-)

Without further ramblings, here are a few photos of the source of my distraction!
emerson photography, baby portraiture sunderland

childrens photographer durham, emerson photography

portrait of a baby by emerson photography

photograph of a child with his grandparent by emerson photography

childrens photographer emerson photography in the north east

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