Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Winter wedding photography at The Morritt by Emerson Photography

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Emerson Photography at The Morritt, Barnard Castle

For some reason, I seem to end up shooting a lot of winter weddings.  This year has been no exception and last month found me near Barnard Castle at The Morritt, a cosy but classy wedding venue set in lovely countryside.  Louise and Andy's wedding photographs were a breeze to shoot given the great location, the lovely couple and the cheery guests!

The day started out cold and clear, with some cracking winter sunshine.  Damn it was cold outside, but inside was all warmth and happiness as I arrived to get the bridal prep photos!

Wedding photography at The Morritt, Barnard Castle

Beautiful bride hugging bridesmaid at The Morritt Country House Hotel, Barnard Castle

The ceremony itself was heartfelt and emotional - a few tears here and there and some symbolic candles.
Wedding ceremony photography at The Morritt Hotel, North East England

The kiss, wedding photography by Jamie Emerson in the North East

I couldn't wait to get out into the surrounds of The Morritt with the happy couple.  Louise was very keen to have some photos taken on Greta Bridge.  Using a strobist style single speedlight on a light stand, I tried to balance the flashlight with the the low winter sun, which was just beginning to set behind the treeline.  The mist settling into the fields beyond created a beautiful setting!

Wedding photographs at Greta Bridge, County Durham, near Barnard Castle

Slow synch wedding photography with sparklers at North East wedding venue in Durham.
 What a game couple!  Andy and Louise had brought sparklers with them and were keen to try writing 'Love' with the light trails.  After several abortive attempts, I suggested that a heart might be easier!  Eventually we managed the photo above, which I feel works very well.  Lots of fun!

The first dance, and indeed the whole day was made to feel very special due to the skills of Colin Cook, wedding dj north east, toastmaster and generally really top bloke.  I had a good long chat with Colin and his partner as we enjoyed The Morritt's fantastic catering.  Colin provides genuinely brilliant, tasteful mood lighting as part of his repertoire too.

Strobist style first dance wedding photographs by Emerson Photography at The Morritt.
So all in all, what a fantastic wedding.  Lovely guests, great couple, cosy venue and picturesque scenery.


mandy charlton said...

Bloody gorgeous!! Your first dance pic is so beautiful, I can't thank you enough for teaching me that techinique!

Loving the sparklers too :)

Jamie said...

OH HAI Mandy! Thanks for the comments! I remember my first not-so-great attempts at silhouette and rim lighting, at a wedding in Glasgow in 2005 (IIRC). It was in the days before radio triggers were available for pennies on ebay and I was relying on the very exciting new technology of Nikon CLS, which works on Infrared and is somewhat hit or miss. The photo is here on the blog somewhere but really didn't achieve what I envisaged in my head.

It's so good to be able to get the photos out of our heads and onto the screen with cheap, available technology (and know how!) nowadays!