Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Glen Sligichan, MTB, Skye.

Got back late last night from an all too short trip to visit family in the Isle of Skye. Took adavantage of the reasonable weather to ride Glen Sligichan on my mountain bike. Did the ouit and back route - there are alternative routes back to Slig, but all of them involve a fair old road bash and those who've tried the other glens reckon they're a bit boggy at the best of times... The going is very rough - loads of melon sized rocks, drainage channels and other 'interesting' obstacles. It really has to be ridden with a bit of speed just to keep you rolling over the rocks. This was a wee bit harder omn the return leg as I was cold, tired and because I bent my rear brake disc within half an hour of setting off (comedy over-the-bars moment). The disc was bent back roughly into place by standing on my frame and heaving until a relatively flattish shape was acheived, but it still rubbed pretty badly and I had to pump the rear brake three or four times before it would work. The vid is shot on a £15 MUVI camera from Hong Kong - as you can see, it's not at its best in low light - probably best not to watch if you suffer from epilepsy! Enjoy!

Glen Sligichan MTB out and back, Skye. from User Removed on Vimeo.

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