Thursday, 5 June 2008

Kasper gets a walk

Well, it's been a while. As regards infra red film, I've bought a test pack of Rollei IR film from Silverprint which includes five IR films and a wee bottle of high speed Rollei developer. I shot the first film last week and wasn't terribly impressed.
I've also gone through two rolls of Ilford SFX (one was for a thirty day challenge: one camera, one lens, one film, organised through facebook) and really, there's no comparison with a 'true' IR film. It's easy to use - you can load / unload in subdued light and the ISO of 200 makes handheld shots possible. However, it's a bit cr*p really, truth be told........ In anything other than perfect IR conditions, it behaves much like Neopan 400 with a red filter. Yes the sky darkens down ( a little ), and yes, the foliage goes slightly white, but Pah! Give me back HIE any day of the week.

Rollei Infra Red; it was a very sunny day with contrasty light bouncing around all over the place. The only pics which came out well were shot in shaded areas of woodland, with no direct sunlight. I have scanned in the negs, but can I be bothered to switch on the desktop, save the files onto a memory stick, download them onto the laptop and post them here? Can I bollocks. I'll do it in my next post.
The (very few) successful negs were shot at a speed of between 1/30th of a second and one second. The longer exposures, even in shaded areas produced very dense negs. Devved in the 'forementioned Rollei HS dev.

The film was shot using a Lee filter holder and a Cokin X-Pro IR filter. I used a Nikon FM2n with a metal shutter release - next time, I'll take the pneumatic release cable as it's almost impossible not to shake the camera during long exposures with the metal cable release.
As an aside, I've got a UK retailer of deep infra red Efke film saved to my favourites menu and will buy some as soon as the bank says I can.

I'm boring myself here, so onto Kaspers walk, which today was the old standby: Barnard Castle to Cotherstone and back down the other side of the river - one of our favourites.

As you can see, Kasper had a cracking time, pausing only to chase; a rabbit, a pheashant, another rabbit and a guy who he thought had a dog but didn't.

Wanted to practice with a recently purchased Nikon 70-200 VR f2.8 lens, so Kasper was bribed with Mmmmmmatheson's mini sausages to run almost ad nauseum, from A to B, preferrably with an obstacle of some kind in his way. Both the pics above were shot with this lens - the top one also involved a Kenko 1.4 teleconvertor. The cheesy montage above did not - it was too dark to lose a stop of light.

Anyhoo, off to bed - will post again shortly................

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