Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A momentous occasion

8th May 2007

Wow - my first blog - will it last? Who knows. Will anybody care? I doubt it, but I'm told this is a good way to maximise ones' chances of getting ones' websites picked up by Yahoo, Google et al.

I am a newish wedding photographer covering the north east and am genuinely committed to providing wedding photography of the best quality.

Also, I do feel I may have something to contribute to the WWW. I've learned almost everything I know about photography from the web. I have a degree in Photography as Fine Art (yeah, yeah, yawn on), but almost all the technical knowledge came afterwards.

The only other sensible reason I have for starting a blog is that since turning my hobby into a business, I have been left with thousands of pictures which don't fit into my business model and are therefore languishing on my hard drive or in neg files. I hope this site will be an outlet for my stifled creativity (are you crying yet? Through boredom or through laughing?)

If I can help a few poor souls along the way, I'll be a happy man.

If you have a few mins to spare, have a quick look at either Emerson Photography, or Environmental Photography, thanks!

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